Camp Cards

A Scout is Thrifty… They earn their own way to Camp!

The Baden-Powell Council is pleased to announce the “Camp Card”.  This initiative is designed to help Scouts earn their way to Summer Resident camp, High Adventure camp, National Jamboree, Day camp, or any other Scout camping event or activity.  Scouts participating in this program will earn $5 commission on each $10 Camp Card they sell.  The sale will begin March 1st and will end May 1st giving Scouts two months to earn their way to camp.

The program is RISK FREE, units may simply return all Scout unsold cards by May 1st, 2024.

The Council goal for this additional fundraiser is very simple…we want our Scouts to go to camp.  In these challenging economic times, we don’t want family finances to keep a Scout from attending the camp of his or her choice.  Scouts will learn an important value, earning your own way.

What does 'Earning Your own Way' look like?

As any Scouts BSA youth can tell you, a vision is no good without a plan to get you there. So what does it take to have a summer of Outdoor Adventure? Let’s break it down here:

What Program do you want to attend?

  • Cub Adventure Weekend (Scout Only) – $30
  • Cub Adventure Weekend (plus a Parent) – $50
  • Badges at Barton – $70
  • Cub Scout Day Camp – $175
  • Cub/Webelos Resident Camp (3 day/2 night) – $220
  • Cub/Webelos Resident Camp (5 day/4 night) – $325
  • Scouts BSA Resident Camp – $600

How to get there:

  • Sell 6 Cards
  • Sell 10 Cards
  • Sell 14 Cards
  • Sell 35 Cards
  • Sell 44 Cards
  • Sell 65 Cards
  • Sell 120 Cards

The Great Camp Give Away!

For every 25 cards a Scout sells, their name will be entered into a drawing for a FREE FULL SCHOLARSHIP to any Scout Camp offered by the Baden-Powell Council during 2024. This includes Cub Day Camp, Cub Resident Camp, Scouts BSA Summer Camp at Tuscarora Scout Reservation, or Badges at Barton. Two names will be drawn. One for Cub Scout level and one for older program level. 

Scouts will be notified of Camp Scholarship prizes within two weeks of the unit card settlement date of May 1.  Scholarships cannot be sold or transferred to another Scout and have no cash value.  Camp scholarships are only good for camps operated by the Baden-Powell Council.  Only one camp scholarship per Scout. No combined sales.

Key Dates and Timeline

  • February 29th – Commit to the Camp Card Sale
  • March Roundtable – Pick Up Camp Cards for your Unit
  • March 1st – Camp Card Sale Begins
    • Additional Cards Available at Council Service Center
  • May 1st – Sale Ends
  • May 3rd – All unsold Cards must be returned to Council Service Center
  • May 3rd – Camp Card Payments due at Council Service Center

Camp Card Return Policy

Camp Cards can be returned to the Council Service Center without penalty between March 25 and May 1.  The cards MUST BE in new condition (including snap off discounts)  NO cards will be accepted for return after May 3.  The Council reserves the right to refuse product that has been damaged or rendered unsalable.  The unit is responsible for any unused cards (lost, misplaced, damaged, etc.)  Be sure Scouts and parents treat each card as if it were a $5.00 bill.