Upcoming Training Events

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Please scroll to the bottom of this page to access on-line courses for Youth Protection, Cub Leader Training as well as other available on-line courses. 

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Training Event

      April 30, 2017  BALOO Baden-Powell Council Office (2150 NY-12 Binghamton 13901)BALOO

       May 5th-7th 2017 Outdoor Ethics and Leave No Trace Weekend Training Course

Camp Tuscarora

Registration Flyer -- Leave No Trace (LNT) 16 hour trainer course
      August 7th-12th 2017   

NYLT-(National Youth Leadership Training)

Camp TuscaroraClick Here for More Information

August 18-20, 2017

Camp Barton

September 8-10, 2017 

Camp Tuscarora


      October 6th-8th  SEABADGE. Camp Gorton Dundee, NY (4241 Co Rd 25, Dundee, NY 14837).SEABADGE Participant 2017Open to All Scouting Leaders
       October 13th-15th Wilderness First Aid- Minimum age of 14           
16-hour WFA course
8-hour CPR / AED course

WFA Registration form

WFA Informational Flyer

Location: Camp Barton

       January, 7th 2018February, 9-11 2018  OkpikClassroom Session- January 7th (Scout Office)Weekend Session- February 9th-11th (Highland Forest/Valley Cabin)For more information contact Christian at 607-648-7888


Training Requirements for all Unit Leaders

You can download a list of Training Requirements for All Unit Leaders here.

Youth Protection Training (YPT) -- is REQUIRED for all adult leaders -- click here for YPT instructions & to take online

YPT AND Cub Scout Leader Specific-Position Training

'Live' presentations of Youth Protection Training (YPT) and Cub Leader Specific- Position trainings will periodically be offered at your monthly District Roundtable meetings.  Please contact your District Training Chair for specifics.

On-Line courses

How to access your required on-line Training Courses - and - see which Training Courses you have already completed:

1. Sign in to

(You'll have to CREATE an account if you don't already have one.)

2. Click on "Menu" in uper left corner.

3. Click on "My Dashboard".

4. Click on the "Requirements" tab (in blue, across the top of the page). You will now see a list of the required position-specific courses that must be taken to be considered trained in your position, as registered on your unit charter.

5. Click on the "Take Course" button for any of the courses listed to start the on-line course. It is possible that not all of your required courses can be taken on-line, some can only be taken in a 'classroom' setting presented by a 'live' trainer.

Additional notes:

Click on the "Completions" tab (in blue, across the top of the page) to see what is on record for courses you have completed.

Click on the "Training Center" tab (in blue, across the top of the page) to view and access ALL of the available BSA on-line courses

CPR and First Aid Training

To arrange for a 1st Aid, CPR-AED, or a Wilderness First Aid course please contact either Tim Woods (Ithaca area) at

or Chris Ambra (Binghamton area)

Venturing Training

To arrange for Venturing Training courses, please contact Mike Homrighaus -

Training Awards for Adult Leaders in Units

The training awards and keys are designed to recognize unit Scouters for tenure, training, and performance in their leadership roles. Progress record forms with the 2012 requirements for these awards can be found at the links below.

Keys (training awards):

  • Scoutmaster
  • Coach
  • Venturing Crew Advisor
  • Skipper2017 University of Scouting Photos

    2017 University of Scouting Resource (Proceedings) Website