Summer Camp Staff


Summer Camp Staff Needed

Summer camp is a unique leadership development opportunity for scouts and for staff members. Camp staff work with scouts and adult leaders in a variety of roles that will challenge, test and develop their self confidence, leadership skills and self esteem. Summer camp staff jobs are excellent resume builders and great way for teachers and educators to interact with youth during the summer. Camp staff are given room and board for the summer in tents, lean-tos or sometimes a shared cabin.  Staff members 15 years and older are compensated competitively compared to other camps.  Three meals a day are provided, as well as laundry service and the opportunity for advancement for under 18 Scouts!  The Camp staff run activities, plan programs, and instruct hundreds of campers that come through our summer programs!  Join us today for a summer you’ll never forget!

Camp Begins with Staff Week June 25th – June 30th and Staff work the next five weeks until August 6th, 2023

Staff receive a salary and, room/board

Some positions are able to commute and/or may have an earlier start date.

We are looking for all positions for this summer!!

Some Key positions we are looking for:

Key Positions: Camp Director, Aquatics Director, Aquatics Staff, Health Officer, Climbing Instructors, Shorting sports Instructors, Merit Badge Instructors for Nature and Handicraft, cleaning staff, and dishwashers!

Direct questions to:
607-648-7888 X 107

Baden-Powell Council Camp Staff Employment Application