Cub Adventure Weekends

Cub Family Adventure Weekends

Cub Scout Family Adventure Weekends are offered twice a year (Spring and Fall) at our Camps—Barton and Tuscarora.  Cub Scouts of all ranks are encouraged to attend these weekends WITH their parents/guardians and siblings.  Here’s a chance to come and see what our Camps have to offer, to experience the great outdoors, and to have fun.  These events are geared for and designed for our Cub Scouting Families!  We offer fun, and excitement as well as advancements for our Cub Scouts! Come join us for these weekends!

2021 Camp Barton Dates

May 1 (Day event only)
October 2-3, 2021

2020 Tuscarora Dates

May 15 (Day event only)

October 9-10, 2021