Blair Atholl Scottish International Patrol Jamborette

When: July 19-29, 2022

Who: Mike Brown- Contingent Leader

We’ll plan to leave the USA on or around July 11th, and spend a week touring around the UK. Where will we go? That’s up to the Scouts in the group. We’ll meet every month from September 2021 through June 2022, and our September to December meetings will be spent planning the touring.


At the end of the touring we’ll be picked up in Edinburgh or Glasgow and taken to Blair Castle at Blair Atholl in Perthshire, where each patrol of Scouts will join up with a patrol of Scottish Scouts for ten days at the Blair Atholl Scottish International Patrol Jamborette. You can find lots of pictures and descriptions of what sort of activities are offered at the Jamborette at the same website.


It’s an important part of the Blair Atholl experience that for the time of the Jamborette each of the merged Scottish/International contingents function as a Scottish patrol under Scottish leadership. We international leaders will get jobs at the Jamborette – we’ll only see the Scouts in passing. They will be immersed in Scottish Scouting, and will have the maximum opportunity to get to know the Scots and the other international Scouts in the other mixed patrols in their subcamp.


We’ve begun recruiting Baden-Powell Council Scouts for our contingent. If you know a Scout who will be interested, have him or her fill out and return an application form as soon as possible – if things work out as they did last time, the contingent will fill up quickly! Application forms can be found on our website at


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