Trails End Popcorn

Key benefits about the Trails End Popcorn Sale:

  • We are selling “Scouting” and the many benefits that our program has to offer young people in our communities. We are NOT selling “Popcorn”.  This is an opportunity for our community to make a donation to Scouting and in return, we are giving them some popcorn. 

  • Scouting can be expensive and this sale provides an opportunity for parents to get help with the cost of the Scouting program for their child.

  • A Scout is Thrifty! If Scouts work hard in the Popcorn Sale, they will have paid their way through Scouting (and earned some great prizes along the way).  “Fund Your Adventure” and develop a great work ethic along the way.

  • It teaches goal setting, perseverance, builds confidence and enhances presentation skills; all attributes which are critical for Scouts, from class presentations to the college application/interview process and beyond.

  • It provides a substantial income to your unit and to the Baden-Powell Council. Your Scout unit becomes a partner to the Baden-Powell Council in making the Scouting program available to all young people in our area.

  • It gives a parent in your unit the opportunity to become involved as the Popcorn Sales Leader/Kernel. Cubmasters and Scoutmasters already have enough responsibility. Invite a parent to provide leadership to this great cause.


Popcorn Planning Checklist for Units

  • Recruit a Unit Popcorn Kernal (Chairperson) to manage and motivate Scouts throughout your sale.
  • Complete your Unit Commitment form by July 15th to let your District know you will be participating in the sale.
  • Attend a Kick-off to learn about the sale and earn your extra 3% commission.
  • Hold a Unit Kick-off by September 14th to motivate and teach Scouts how to sell popcorn.
  • Motivate Scouts during the sale with prizes including Council drawings and offering incentives specific to your unit during the sale.
  • Collect Order Forms back from Scouts a week before orders are due to the Council & encourage Scouts to take payment when they receive an order.

2020 Key Popcorn Sale Dates

Show N Sell Orders Due                                                                 August 19th

Show N Sell Sorting (Optional Early Pickup)                             September 11th

Show N Sell Pick-up                                                                       September 12th

Popcorn Orders Due                                                                       October 26th

Popcorn Pick Up Day                                                                      November 20th 

Final Payment Due                                                                          November 23rd

10% Late Fee charged to Units with Outstanding Balances      November 30th

*Supplemental popcorn orders will be due via email to your District Executive on Mondays starting August 24th until September 28th. Delivery will be two weeks from the Friday of the week your order was placed. Please note that your unit balance must be paid in full before supplemental orders will be fulfilled.

If you have additional questions about the Trails End Popcorn Sale, please contact your unit popcorn kernel, your District Executive or Council Popcorn Staff Advisor, Frankie Sears.