Awards For Your Den

Awards For Your Den

Just as Cub Scouts can earn individual awards for themselves, they can also work together to earn awards for their whole den or their pack. Getting together to work on these awards is a great way to practice teamwork and to show every Cub Scout how important he is as a member of his den or pack.

The National Den Award

The National Den Award recognizes dens that have a quality, year-round program. The award goes to dens that do service and conservation projects, Cub Scout Academics and Sports, field trips, character building, and camping. Dens earn the award as a team, not as individual den members. The recognition is a ribbon for the den flag or den doodle.

National Summertime Pack Award

A pack can earn the National Summertime Pack Award by doing three pack activities when school is out for the summer—one activity each in June, July, and August. Packs that qualify get a colorful streamer for their pack flag. Dens that have at least half of their members at the three summer pack events can earn a den ribbon. Pack members who take part in all three events are eligible for the National Summertime Pack Award pin, to wear on the right pocket flap of their uniform.

If a pack is in a “year-round school” (or is part of a home-school association), the pack could earn the Summertime Pack Award by having a special pack activity during school breaks.

National Quality Unit Award

The Quality Unit Award recognizes outstanding packs (and also troops, teams, crews, and ships) that have quality programs for their members. To earn this award, packs need well-trained leaders and they must meet several other requirements, such as holding regular pack meetings, qualifying for the National Summertime Pack Award (above), going on an outdoor activity, doing a service project, having at least three-fourths of the Scouts advance in rank, and having all Scouts subscribe to Boys’ Life magazine.

All members, both youth and adults, of a pack that earns this award may wear the Quality Unit emblem on their uniforms. The pack may also display a streamer on the pack flag.


Veteran Unit Emblem

This emblem is a gold embroidered bar worn by boys and adult leaders of packs that have been chartered 50 years or longer. It is worn just below the council patch, above and touching the pack numeral.

William T. Hornaday Unit Award

The Hornaday Awards program encourages learning about natural resources, conservation, and the environment. Respecting the outdoors is an important part of Scouting. Scouts learn to understand and take care of natural resources and to protect the environment.

A Cub Scout pack may earn this award by doing a big, special conservation project. More than half of the pack’s members must take part. This award is granted through the Conservation Service of the BSA National Council. Packs must apply for the award through the council.