Camp Barton has a wide variety of aquatic activities that get you on, into and under Cayuga Lake.

Of course there's swimming - open swimming, troop swims, Swimming merit badge, Water Sports, mile swims, and swim lessons if you need them…

There are boats, galore - you can learn Canoeing ...

... or Rowing… 


... or Kayaking ...

… take out a motorboat for a run while earning Motorboating merit badge…

or learn to sail with Small Boat Sailing merit badge. High Adventure Sailing - the Helmsman program will take Scouts on a 25-foot sailing vessel with overnight stays on board or at various campsites along the lake. 

Take Lifesaving Merit Badge- one of the toughest, and most satifying, badges you can earn, or go all the way to BSA Lifeguard certification: Being a fully-trained lifeguard for your troop's aquatic activities means a lot more than using the right sunscreen. To master the mountain of skills and knowledge it takes to earn this award, you must work long and hard during your entire week at Camp Barton.

Water-skiing Merit Badge is a great opportunity for older Scouts.

Jet Skis is a pilot program of the Boy Scouts of America and Camp Barton is one of 6 Councils across the nation taking part in the program.  Scouts will be ableto take up to 3 merit bidges while they are at Camp Barton.  The merit badge sessions will be in the morning, from 9 am until 12 pm.

Following lunch on Monday, there will be the first of two 4-hour training sessions to meet the New York State boating requirement necessary to operate a PWC (Personal Watercraft).  The class will be offered by the Ithaca Power Squadron.  The second session will be Tuesday afternoon from 1 pm until 5 pm.

Upon completion of and passing the exam, the Scout will be awarded a certificate allowing them to operate a PWC.  The Scout will be ablae to ride under supervision on Wednesday to Friday afternoon.

Lack of safety and reckless endangerment of individuals and/or PWC will not be tolerated.  Any incident deemed unsafe will forfeit your right to operate a PWC.  There will be NO REFUND!

To download an application to sign-up, CLICK HERE!

To sign-up online, CLICK HERE!

If you want to put yourself to the ultimate aquatic test, jump in ith both feet! 

Cayuga Lake provides one of the most unique settings around to try your hand at any acquatic activity. 
Merit badges aren't everything - don't forget the other activities:  

  • Boardsailing BSA
  • Mile Swim
  • Snorkeling BSA
  • Introduction to Scuba
  • Underwater Orienteering

Troops are not forgotten - you can schedule a troop canoe trip or sail down Cayuga Lake to a picnic at Taughannock Falls State Park.

No matter what you do, you're going to love the Camp Barton waterfront!

Baden-Powell Council - Camp Barton, BSA

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