Online Merit Badge Sign-up

Online Merit Badge Sign-Up will begin on March 1, 2017.  In order to give everyone an equal opportunity to sign up for badges, we ask that Leaders and Scouts follow this procedure:

March 1- March 31, 2017- Round One- Scouts may register for up to three merit badges.

April 5- April 30, 2017- Round Two- Scouts may register for up to two additional badges.

Any remaining badges will be available after April 30th and at camp.  Sign-up for your week of camp will end the Tuesday prior to your arrival at camp to allow the staff time to schedule.  All badges are first come, first served.  (A Scout is courteous)  If you have any questions, please contact Jim Lupfer, Council Program Director, at 607-648-7888 x107 or via email at

Please remember the following when using Doubleknot- 

1.  Please log in only from the current links on the Baden-Powell Council Homepage.  Do not use bookmarks or favorites saved on your computer from past years as they may unknowingly direct you to outdated events.

2.  When you log in the first time to register for 2017, please make sure that you begin a new transaction for 2017.  Do not edit an existing registration the first time you log in as you may be unknowingly directed to outdated events.  You may edit your 2017 transaction on any other login after it is created the first time.

3.  Please do not pay for activity fees online.  Because we want Scouts to have the ability to change their mind, if you have any fees due at the end of your transaction, please check the "mail check" box at the far right of the forms of payment and save your transaction.  Very Important!!  Don't Mail A Check- we will settle all activity fees during your stay at camp.

4.  Please assign one- two adults per unit to enter the sign ups so that they can be monitored and updated as needed.  Please DO NOT allow your Scouts to log on and sign up on an individual basis.

Please Note:  Merit Badge Schedules Can Be Found In Our Admin Guide.  Please Click Here.

Please choose the week your unit is attending camp:

Week 1 - July 2-8, 2017

Week 2 - July 9-15, 2017

Week 3 - July 16-22, 2017

Week 4 - July 23-29, 2017

Week 5 - July 30- August 5, 2017

Please click here for further instructions on setting up logins, retrieving passwords, etc.