Family Camp

Camp Barton offers a family camp area just for the families of leaders in camp (sorry - off limits to Scouts!). Located on the shore of Cayuga Lake just across Frontenac Creek from the camp itself, the Family Camp area offers its own dock, playground and swimming area. The family camp facility is available for the families of adults who are in camp as leaders or commissioners as well as for the general public. Family Camp is off limits to scouts unless they have family staying within the facilities and the Camp Director & Unit Leader approve of it.

What Is A Family Camp Unit?

Sleeping Unit  A cabin with facilities accommodating up to four (4) persons. Bunks and storage space are provided. Each cabin has electricity. Cabins include bunks and mattresses for 4 people (typically two bunk beds) 
 Kitchen Unit  Enclosed shelters with cooking refrigeration and clean-up facilities. Each kitchen unit is shared by two (2) families. Separate refrigerators are provided. 
Toilet Facilities  The family camp area has a central shower and toilet building. Separate facilities are provided in this building for men and women.

Reservations for Family Camp 

Reservations must be made as soon as possible through the Baden-Powell Council Service Center, 2150 NYS Route 12, Binghamton, NY 13901. There are only six (6) of these units, so early reservations are necessary. Reservations are limited to one per troop until June 1st. After that date, additional reservations can be made if space is available.

When all leader requests have been filled and space is still available, scouting families desiring cabins for vacations will be accommodated.

Recreational Vehicle Use in Family Camp 

There is very limited space for leaders' families to use recreational vehicles in the family camp area. Please contact the camp for more information on the availability of RV access.

Important Family Camp Policies

Controlled Substances All alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs are prohibited in family camp as in all Boy Scout camps. Local and state authorities will be contacted if state and federal laws are violated.

Swimming Swimming is only permitted under the supervision of a certified lifeguard and the Camp Directors approval. The camp, in certain circumstances, can provide a lifeguard for limited periods of time upon request to the Waterfront Director. Swimming is only permitted on the south side of the family camp dock.

Boat Use & Launching Small boats, canoes, kayaks, etc. may be used if they can be launched and beached without driving a vehicle onto the beach. All boats, when not in use, must be beached so as not to interfere with the swimming area. No boats are to be kept at the docks. Mooring offshore is allowed with permission of the Camp Director.

Pets All dogs are to be kept under the control of their owners. Pets are only allowed in the family camp section of Camp Barton.

Program Areas Program areas in camp are off limits to family campers. Please observe this guideline so as not to interfere with the camp program.

Quiet Hours Quiet is expected between 9:00 PM and 8:00 AM. Family Camp Pricing

Restaurants and grocery stores are located nearby in Trumansburg, NY. 

Family Camp Fees: 

For Cabin Use
Number of Nights  

Price (includes shared use of one kitchen and access to shower house)
1 night  $30.00
2 nights $60.00
3 nights $90.00
4 nights  $120.00
One week $250.00

Food: Visitors can purchase meals in the camp dining hall on a per meal basis. $6.00 for breakfast and lunch, and $8.00 for dinner.

Tenting (includes access to shower house) $2.00 per night

RV/Trailer Access (includes access to shower house, no electrical hookups) $10.00 per night.

Baden-Powell Council - Camp Barton, BSA

  • By mail: 
    • Council Office: Baden-Powell Council, BSA - 2150 NYS Route 12, Binghamton, NY 13901
    • During the camp season: Camp Barton, BSA - 9640 Frontenac Road, Trumansburg, NY 14886
  • By phone: 
    • Council Office:  - (607) 648-7888 - 877-674-8876 (toll free) 
    • Fax: (607) 648-7895
    • Camp phone: (607) 387-9250
  • By E-mail: 


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