Camp Barton Villages - Troop Campsites

For group use, Camp Barton is designed to provide troops with separate troop camping sites. Each site includes a picnic table, bulletin board, fire pit, a washstand & latrine, as well as a pavilion or a dinning fly. Each campsite at Camp Barton is unique in its own special way. 

Several of the sites at Camp Barton are on "The Hill". Cayuga, Iroquois 2, Oneida, Mohawk, and Onondaga are up a relatively steep hill. This may be important if a youth or leader has a physical condition.

Site Name Capacity Location
Algonquin 1 30 South of dining hall, right off level trail.
Algonquin 2 14 South of dining hall off level trail, just above Algonquin 1.
Cayuga 34 Above dining hall, highest on right of main uphill trail, near North Gorge rim.
Delaware 46 South of dining hall, cross stream, slightly up hill. South of South Gorge
Iroquois 1 28 Immediately above dining hall, separate trail.
Iroquois 2 26 Above dining hall, to right off main uphill trail.
Mohawk 16 On north rim of South Gorge, above Onondaga. 
Oneida 22 Above dining hall, to left off main uphill path, opposite Cayuga.
Onondaga 26 Past old shower house on secondary uphill trail.
Seneca 38 Above old shower house, left off main uphill trail.
Tuscarora 1 20 Behind boat building, south of dining hall on level trail. Handicap accessible.
Tuscarora 2 20 Behind boat building, south of dining hall on level trail. Handicap accessible.
Lenape         14 Behind Administration Building

A camp map showing the location of the campsites is available in PDF, GIF, JPG and TIFF formats.

Camp Barton also offers a family camp for the families of scout leaders staying at camp. These cabins fill up fast so get your reservations in early!

Baden-Powell Council - Camp Barton, BSA

  • By mail: 
    • Council Office: Baden-Powell Council, BSA - 2150 NYS Route 12, Binghamton, NY 13901
    • During the camp season: Camp Barton, BSA - 9640 Frontenac Road, Trumansburg, NY 14886
  • By phone: 
    • Council Office:  - (607) 648-7888 - 877-674-8876 (toll free) 
    • Fax: (607) 648-7895
    • Camp phone: (607) 387-9250
  • By E-mail: 

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